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About OH

We create memorable learning experiences
that connect talented individuals with businesses.

The digital industry is evolving at a rapid pace, with new technologies and innovations emerging every day. As exciting as this is, we've noticed that there's a growing gap between education and industry...
Some finding it hard to keep up.

We decided to take action and create a platform that bridges the gap and connects talent with industry through alternative education, opportunities, networks and inspiration.

Kickstart your career
Seize your potential with Catalyst.
Become a part of an experience that has been designed
to inspire, educate and connect individuals
with our community of industry partners.
Ahead of the game
We take the learning-by-doing approach to education
by introducing our students to new technological tools,
methods, and skills to prepare them for the future.
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At the core of our work is our community. Our industry partners work with us to co-design and co-deliver memorable learning experiences.
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Our patrons share our vision in unlocking opportunities for creative talent
and make programmes like Catalyst possible.
Let’s start something great!
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Our programmes are co-designed and co-delivered alongside our industry partners.
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