Animation For Illustrators

In this comprehensive class, illustrator and animator Abbey Lossing shows you how to bring your Photoshop creations to life by adding a few introductory steps in Adobe After Effects. From sketching and colouring to timing out motion and exporting to share, Abbey will teach you everything you need to know to create show-stopping animations that marry the hand-drawn quality of Photoshop with the cinematic look of After Effects.

With accessible, step-by-step lessons you’ll learn how to:

➯ Sketch and colour a quirky scene with an eye toward motion

➯ Use video layers in Photoshop to animate your character

➯ Structure your files to stay organized and easily make changes

➯ Activate your animation with introductory tools in After Effects

Plus, Abbey shares her favourite tips and tricks for transitioning seamlessly between Photoshop and After Effects.

Whether you’re an illustrator who’s curious about motion or a seasoned GIF-creator looking to make your next project pop, adding After Effects to your process is a natural next step that’s easier than you think.

Follow along to unlock your ability to create hand-drawn animations with dynamic, expressive movement!

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