Animation For The Web

In this course, SuperHi has designed and produced a series of projects all about hand-coding, styling, and animating SVGs to bring scalable, performance-friendly illustrations to life in the browser.

This course will teach you how to craft drawings with code in Figma and then animate their motion and styling with both CSS animations and the industry-standard GreenSock Animation API (GSAP).

What you’ll learn:

➯ How to craft SVGs and SVG animations by hand

➯ How to use CSS and GreenSock to animate shapes and paths

➯ Create and apply special effects such as patterns and clip paths

➯ How to set up timelines, sequences, and click events

➯ How to make our animations feel more natural with easings and delays

➯ How to start self-initiated projects working with illustrations and UI animation

Who is this course for?

From graphic designers looking to bring movement to their creations to developers aiming to add a bit of pizzazz to their site interactions, this course is for anyone who wants to learn how to use animation techniques for full control of graphics on the web.

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