Brand Messaging Kit

Why start with why?

Brands that are charismatic, one in which the customer feels there is no replacement for, go beyond just fulfilling the basic requirements. They tap into deeper motivations and values of the customer.

Go beyond just the logo.

Defining your brand’s messaging means building a preferred customer journey that encompasses every customer touchpoint: the identity (logo), website, messaging, customer service, point of sale, signage, quality of product and service.

Attract customers with a unique identity.

A brand is defined by a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organization. You can’t control what someone feels about your brand, but you can influence it.

Personally connect with customers

Establish your distinct tone of voice that not only attracts your target audience but keeps them coming back for more.

Bring a brand to life

Learn to marry powerful images with compelling copy that taps into the core of what the brand is.

Precisely position a company

Find out where your brand sits in the minds of customers, and what makes it different from the competition so you can market accordingly.

What you’ll get inside:

➯ 44-page Brand Messaging Guide
➯ Brand Messaging Workbook
➯ Learn the positioning of your brand
➯ Define your brand’s voice and tone
➯ Lifetime updates

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