Colour for Creatives

Colour is the best way to create emotion visually.

Whether you’re crafting an illustration or an interface, the colours you choose to create an emotional experience. Colour is one of the most important instruments in the orchestra of design. If that instrument is out of tune, the whole song falls apart.

Let’s be honest: Choosing great hues can be tough.

Ever felt overwhelmed when you opened the colour picker? Or how about feeling uncomfortable working with an unfamiliar colour? Too many of us resort to scraping other artist’s colour palettes without fully understanding why those colours work so well together.

Working with colour should be easy… and fun, right?

The only thing separating you from those colour-wielding gods you follow on Instagram is a solid understanding of how colour works. It’s high time we learned how to see, understand, and use colour to create fresh, original work.

Go beyond theory and learn how to use colour in the real world.

Beyond Colour Theory

In order to use colour well, first understand how colour works.
The biggest difference between a self-taught creative and one who went to school: the fundamentals. And in this course, you will walk away with a solid understanding of how we see colour, how we create colour, and what meaning we associate with colours.

Colour Harmony

Master the colour wheel and pair colours like a pro.
You have used colour models since elementary school: We all know that red and green are complementary colours, but how do you avoid colour cliches and make unique pairings? Learn how great designers use colour models as a starting point to pair colours the right way.

Build Perfect Palettes

Create truly unique colour systems and palettes.
Crafting palettes is a lot more than picking colours. Picking the right value, shade, and tint will help your work stand out in fresh, original ways. Learn how to source references and build colour systems that you can use across an entire piece of work.

Combine Colour & Typography

Combine colour and typography like a pro.
Picking the right colours is only half the battle. You can have the greatest palette in the world, but if it’s not used well, your composition will suffer. Master concepts like contrast, balance, and focus and apply colour to your work in fresh, innovative ways.

What else is included?

➯ Multi-part video lectures

➯ Portfolio assignments

➯ Colour Guidebook (PDF)

➯ Colour Glossary (PDF)

➯ Downloadable project files

➯ Additional colour resources

➯ Work sessions with Greg live

➯ Private Slack channel access

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