Design Thinking

On this course, you will learn the systematic process of design thinking, adopting a user-centric approach while prototyping, testing, and iterating solutions that provide a competitive advantage.

What you’ll learn


➯ Empathy plays a critical role in the design thinking process, serving as the cornerstone of well-developed, user-centric products and services. Learn the techniques used to develop empathy for users, and to understand the true needs of customers.


➯ Leverage unique ideation techniques in order to develop innovative new solutions for users. Once ideation sessions have been completed, understand best practices to refine solution ideas and develop a clear feature set.

Prototyping & Validation

➯ Testing a solution through a lightweight prototype is critical to determining if the proposed product or service truly meets customer needs. Develop a prototype and test with potential users to generate feedback. Using this feedback refine your prototype into a usable, sound solution for the users.


➯ Learn how the ideas developed in design thinking sessions come to life. Explore strategies for gaining buy-in regarding proposed solutions and new ideas, and learn how to inject the design thinking process into any organization or process.

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