Digital Marketing Course

The internet has transformed the way we communicate and market to our customers and stakeholders. The wide range of tools allows us to make data-driven decisions with more accuracy and insight than ever before. To not use effective digital marketing strategies risks your organization being left behind whilst other competitors grow.

Our digital marketing course will help you learn how to navigate the entire digital marketing funnel, and gain knowledge to drive growth in your organization. Learn what tools, processes, platforms and approaches you can take to engage your target audiences and lead them on a journey to becoming a customer or user. You’ll understand how to set ambitious goals and iterate your way to achieving them in order to add value to your organisation and reach your targets.

What you will learn 

By the time you finish this digital marketing course you should have acquired knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away in your work or add to your resume.

➯ Master the building blocks of digital marketing, from social media and content strategy, to implementation and analytics.

➯ Create a Strategy for your digital marketing based on a customer journey

➯ Understand how to apply digital marketing tools, methods and processes to target potential customers

➯ Ability to apply marketing tools to your workplace to see real-time results and value

➯ Develop a ‘build, measure, learn’ mindset and integrate your learnings into your organisation

➯ Ability to engage colleagues in the topic and spread impact across the organisation

➯ Lead and support your clients and colleagues through the digital marketing landscape

How you will learn

The Hyper Island approach is different from a traditional online course. We combine hands-on learning in your workplace with a fast-paced online environment to create a powerful experience that truly pays off.

➯ Learning kit

➯ Live sessions

➯ Weekly challenges

➯ Peer learning and perspective

➯ Time commitment

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