Digital Marketing Flexible

Study with a flexible, online schedule, a personal mentor, and peer groups. Professional career coaches guide you with networking advice and personalized resume tips to help secure a high-income marketing role.

What you’ll learn

➯ The Digital Marketing Landscape
Explore the fundamentals of marketing and see how far we’ve come in the digital era.

➯ Campaigns
Learn to create and manage a digital marketing campaign that targets the right audience, communicates a compelling message, and maximizes your company’s ROI.

➯ Customer Insights
Digital marketing efforts are only effective if they resonate with the people you’re trying to reach. Identify your target audience and create content that speaks to them.

➯ Branding
Create a cohesive voice using consistent written content and design elements.

➯ Content Marketing
Learn about the different platforms digital marketers use to build an audience. Write copy that compels customers to click, follow, and like.

➯ Email Marketing
Create attention-grabbing, click-worthy emails that stand out in the inbox. Learn why email is an essential customer outreach tool used by businesses in every industry, and how to create efficiency with automation.

➯ Social Media Marketing
Learn how digital marketers use social media to connect with their audience, attract new followers, and meet sales goals.

➯ Search Engine Marketing
Get more conversions at a lower cost with effective search engine marketing. Discover the tricks that help your site get found by Google.

➯ Analytics
Discover how to find the right data (and illustrate it for the rest of the company). Explore why understanding analytics is an essential skill when it comes to shaping a high-level marketing strategy.

➯ Portfolio
Launch your career as a digital marketer with a final capstone, portfolio-building and one-on-one interview prep.

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