Create A Digital Strategy

In today’s digital world of ever-shifting consumer expectations and rapid disruption, the challenge of staying one step ahead remains for many teams and business leaders. How can you gain the confidence to succeed in this environment? Is it possible to create a sustainable digital strategy that can both meet customer demand and still stay true to your business vision—all while increasing profitability and staying competitive?

Through our digital strategy course, you will learn how to navigate uncertainty, disruption, and change, and become equipped with a digital-first mindset.

Learn to harness the transformative potential of digital to add value to your business and plan for how to strategically work with innovation within your organization. Gain confidence and inspiration within the digital landscape and the ability to implement a digital strategy that allows for a strong and innovative culture.

What you’ll learn:

By the time you finish this course in digital strategy, you should have acquired knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away in your work or add to your resume.

Learning Outcomes

➯ Understand changes in consumer behaviour and the impact of digital business models and client journeys

➯ Know how the networked society will impact businesses, individuals, and society

➯ Know the implications and disruption of digitalization

➯ Understand how you can and cannot apply new technology to existing business activities

➯ Enable new digital capabilities in an organization and understand how to maximize the business benefits of data assets and technology-focused initiatives

➯ Increase profitability and stay competitive in a new digital era

➯ Create a culture that encourages agility and understand what leadership is required to drive digital strategy

➯ Review your company’s current business through a digital lens

➯ Align your current business strategy with the opportunities and risks of digital

➯ Create a sustainable and adaptable digital strategy, to meet customer demand and your business’ vision

➯ Create your own digital strategy, know how to implement it, and gain the confidence to present a digital strategy

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