Driving Transformation

Learn how to make real change happen

You’re driving change in your organization, working hard to meet new and complex challenges. We get that it’s tough. This program blends online learning with offline doing to strengthen your confidence, competence, and peer network to lead that change and have an impact.

You can get theory from books and blogs. This program is about putting ideas into action and making real change happen. Working directly with your own transformation case, you’ll learn an applicable playbook for driving change, including instantly useful methods, guiding templates and tangible cases. All while hacking your own case with support from our coaches, other program participants and your colleagues.

What you will learn

By the time you finish this course you should have acquired knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away in your work or add to your resume.


➯ Know the foundations of change and how to activate transformation in an organisation

➯ Understand how a roadmap for change is set up and learn the tools to make one

➯ Know how the networked society and other trends will impact businesses, individuals and society

➯ Know how to frame and clarify the change you are working on to make it achievable

➯  Get to know the tools to rapidly prototype and test change initiatives to make progress incremental


➯  Co-create, communicate and lead change initiatives to support transformation your organization

➯ Ability to use tools to bring your ideas to life, create compelling narratives and build momentum behind change processes

➯ Navigate transformation processes more confidently, working through challenges and barriers by selecting appropriate techniques and approaches

➯  Ability to influence and co-create with stakeholders on the transformation

➯ Strategies and tactics for building engagement and overcoming resistance to change

➯ Capability to make a roadmap for change and to follow it through

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