How To Develop Self Knowledge

When asked to sum up all philosophical commandments, the Ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates replied: “Know yourself”. Self-knowledge matters so much because it helps us to get an accurate sense of what we need to be satisfied, which means we can make wiser choices, especially around love and work.

Unfortunately, self-awareness isn’t always easy. We can be sidelined by fear, by a reluctance to look within and by a culture which keeps us distracted and unaware. This class guides us to take key steps in the journey towards self-knowledge. Through exercises and conversation, we reach central insights in a remarkably short space of time. We come away excited by the task of understanding the one person we may for too long have been a stranger to: ourselves.

What will I learn?

➯ How to Develop Self-Knowledge teaches us:

➯ Techniques to explore our own minds.

➯ How to clarify vague and almost-out-of-reach emotions and thoughts.

➯ How to understand the emotional dynamics of childhood.

➯ How we may appear to others.

➯ How to combat self-deception

➯ What we are perhaps not so easily able to see about ourselves.

How to Develop Self-Knowledge is a 2 hour class by The School of Life which takes place regularly in our virtual classroom over Zoom. It is one of 12 classes around our 4 core themes: Love, Work, Self and Culture.

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