How To Fail

The modern world places immense pressure on us to succeed, leading us to tell ourselves that we have to constantly strive, overcome huge obstacles and win in all areas of our lives. The unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves seldom allow us to realise that we will – of course – fail in some areas of our lives, particularly in our careers – and that failing well is, therefore, a skill we need to learn above most others.

Many of us know how to prepare for success but we very rarely endeavour to confront failure as we should: with dignity, understanding, wisdom – and perhaps on occasion, a touch of humour.

What will I learn?

➯ How to understand the sickness of ‘perfectionism’: where it comes from and how we might best respond to it.

➯ Our parents: what they wanted and how we fear of disappointing them.

➯ What lies at the heart of the dread of failing, especially as it relates to a loss of status and dignity.

➯ What it means to fail ‘well’ – accepting our limitations without becoming bitter.

➯ The real statistics of success; and how good we are at denying them.

➯ The Ancient Greek idea of noble failure and the Zen Buddhist notion of good imperfection.

➯ And the media’s influence on our understanding of failure and success.

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