Introduction to Behaviour Design

Products. Experiences. Campaigns. Ideas. Ours is an industry of understanding people and encouraging them to take action.

Create ideas based on hidden influence and direct positive behaviour change.

Embrace the powerful tool of behavioural science.

Design depends on action. What other people think and do is the essence of design success. Unpick what other people do using behavioural science. A powerful tool to add to your skillset.

➯ How can you understand users on a deeper level?

➯ How will you design to positively change the behaviour of others?

➯ How can design for the hidden factors that influence people?

➯ What tools do you need to craft experiences that have a positive influence on others?

In this one day remote workshop we will breakdown the main principles of using behavioural insights and leave you with the tools you’ll need.

Whether you are a creative working in digital products, UX, services, marketing, innovation, advertising and more this workshop is for you. No previous experience required.

What you’ll learn

➯ Discover that changing people’s behaviour starts with a small shift.

➯ Learn how people’s behaviour breaks down into three layers.

➯ Explore how to design for key factors that influence people’s behaviour at the individual layer.

➯ Learn how the people around us can influence what we do.

➯ Explore how to design for the social factors that inform our behaviour.

➯ Discover how the way things are structured, communicated and designed direct our behaviour – without us even realising.

➯ Explore key psychological principles you can use to make sure your idea has impact.

What to expect

We hate giving stuffy lectures as much as you hate sitting through them. So we’ve banned them. Expect a day of knowledge bursts, activities and building your knowledge together in small groups.

This workshop is fully remote and held in English.

Learn by doing
We don’t just teach you the tools, we want you to use them as well. Throughout the day, training will be a mixture of hands-on activities, group discussions and ideation sessions.

Fully remote
We are broadcasting live from the BehaviourLoft ( a.k.a Lauren’s home office in the UK). We will be supported by a host of remote tools and are a camera on session. But don’t worry about the software just now. We’ll get you all setup before the day. Whether you are in the UK or further afield join us for a behaviour day.

Let our tools do the heavy lifting. Walk away from the session with a digital set of the BehaviourKit change deck. A deck filled with How might we questions that each lead you towards creating action in others.

Dedicated coaching
We want to make sure you continue to use what you’ve learnt. Included in the workshop is a 1-to-1 20 minutes followup coaching call. Get answers to those left over questions or ask that burning question that’s specific to your job.

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