Lead Online

This is a hands-on course for any leader who needs to master practical leadership skills to manage and develop distributed and remote teams. Get up to speed only in 3 weeks.

We will provide you with weekly online interactive live facilitated sessions. In between sessions you get tasks to apply with your team or project – helping you learn while creating instant business value.

What you’ll learn:

In this course, you will learn through experience that the online format lends itself very well for building strong connections between individuals and teams, and enjoy the leadership development – online. We bring together a group of leaders and managers in online sessions, covering the essentials of effective online leadership, as well as guiding you to go deeper within – harnessing the inner resources needed to elevate your leadership online.

Learning Outcomes

➯ Basics of distributed ways of working and leadership

➯ Top 5 leadership behaviours for leading online

➯ Increase self-awareness about helpful and hindering behaviours leading online

➯ Develop your leadership with Hyper Island lead online canvas

➯ Leading with communication in a distributed organisation

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