Learn The Basics
of No-Code

With no-code, you can test ideas quickly, build businesses and products faster, plus automate tasks to save you hours per week. In this bootcamp, we will introduce you to some fundamental tools that demonstrate the possibilities of no-code.

What you’ll learn

➯ How to quickly set up a landing page.

➯ How to connect a website to an email provider.

➯ Relational databases.

➯ How to create a mobile app.

➯ How to automate tasks and build workflows.

What you’ll build

➯ A simple landing page that allows you to capture email addresses and build an email list so you can communicate with your audience or customer.

➯ A CRM database that will enable you to track important information like prospects and sales opportunities.

➯ A restaurant directory mobile app.

➯ Automated workflows between various apps like Typeform, Airtable, Google Sheets and Gmail.

What you’ll get

➯ Certification to show off your skills

➯ 5 real-world projects

➯ Skills developed across multiple tools

➯ Office hours to discuss projects, ask questions and connect with others

➯ Cohort of other community members at the same stage as you

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