Measurement Marketing Academy

​​Training, personalized support, and tools to help you and your team know, trust, and grow your numbers.

As part of the Marketing Measurement Academy, you’ll get access to:

easy-to-consume courses designed for fast implementation

Instructor Guidance & Support
Get personalized support and guidance from instructors

Group Coaching
Mastermind with Instructors and the community on live calls every week.

Connect with the Measurement Marketing global community in the private members-only Facebook Group

What will you learn?

➯ How to set up Google Analytics so you can focus on the Story, not the numbers, which means you no longer have to worry about being a “Numbers Person”

➯ How to build dashboards that give you answers instead of information so you can get the insights you need to take action fast

➯ How to turn your measurement system into your company’s “Crystal Ball” so you see into the future and optimize accordingly

➯ Know exactly what traffic sources bring you the most valuable customers and which ones to cut (no more Bright Shiny Traffic Tactics that suck money from your marketing budget)

➯ The one report that is superior to all others, this report will become your “North Star” in your Measurement Plan

➯ How to transform your goals into a clear picture of what your customer journey really looks like with the “A.C.E. Method”

➯ How to avoid the “Zombie” click to keep your ad cost down, get better quality scores and focus the prospects most likely to convert and give you money

➯ How to leverage the “Q.I.A. Process” so you can turn information into actionable insights so you only see what you need to make quick and profitable marketing decisions

➯ And much more!

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