Online Process Design and Facilitation

This 6 weeks course will equip you with methodology and give you the opportunity to practice, ensuring that you can take your learnings directly back to your workplace.

What you’ll learn:

Normal as we knew it is disrupted – it is no longer possible to run learning, training or change initiatives the traditional way. The only option right now for many organisations is to cancel all of their planned in-person training due to the current situation, holding back the development of business and leadership at a moment where this is more important and relevant than ever.

Our online process design and facilitation course will empower you with skills and confidence to quickly pivot to offer leadership and team development as well as traditional training online. High impact experiences that deliver the same results as (or better than) classroom-based interventions. You will also leave having reimagined and reformulated your idea of what learning is and can be and how it brings business impact to your organisation.

In this course you will learn online learning experience design, how to co-create a strong learning culture, set supporting frames, direct prototyping and facilitate long-term processes. You will leave confident to design and facilitate online processes and learning experiences, as well as meetings and workshops. Additionally, you will develop skills to facilitate diverse groups online, lead members towards a common goal and make sure you get the best out of every individual.

Learning Outcomes

➯ Learn the foundations of online learning design and facilitation

➯ Design online learning experiences toward a specific outcome

➯ Use online facilitation as a tool to boost learning and innovation and to solve complex issues

➯ Work with diverse groups and manage behaviours to support better learning outcomes in an online context

➯ Deep understanding of how to manage human needs

➯ Lead teams toward a common goal, while managing expectations

➯ Capability to harness the collective intelligence of a group

➯ Ability to engage and include participants in an online learning experience

➯ Co-create empowering learning culture and set up guidelines for groups that put learning design into action

➯ Ability to apply the right tools, methods and skills in the right moment and handle individual, team and group needs.

➯ Create your own design and facilitation toolbox to empower yourself and your team

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