Search Engine Marketing

Taught by professionals currently working in the industry, the course uses a collaborative, project-based learning model, that mimics what Search Engine Marketers experience in the field. By the end of the course, professionals will have hands-on experience working with Google Ads and Analytics, including advanced analysis, optimization, and campaign management.

What you’ll learn

Search Engine Optimization

Learn and adopt SEO best practices to ensure your website shows up in the top results of relevant searches. Then, understand how to improve your ranking by creating great copy and leveraging the right keywords.

Search Engine Marketing

Learn to leverage Google’s Ads network to drive engaged traffic to your site. You will develop a campaign, write compelling ad copy, and understand the PPC bidding system to make better use of your advertising budget.

Google Analytics

Learn to effectively use Google Analytics to measure the success of your marketing activities. Understand the performance of your campaigns to drive traffic and conversions on your site, and learn key insights about your customers and their behaviour.

Curriculum and Tools

Throughout the course, you will work towards a certificate in search engine marketing by using the techniques and tools below to create real-world search marketing strategies, developing your skills and knowledge with hands-on experience.

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