Service Design with Thomas Cornwall

Join companies like Airbnb, KPMG, Amazon, and Netflix and start using Service Design to fuel you breakthrough success.

This is the first course in plain English to break down Service Design step-by-step from start to finish. You’ll learn from Thomas Cornwall, one of the most accomplished service design leaders in the world.

You’ll discover a systematic process to setting your vision, uncovering valuable insights, and turning these into a remarkable end-to-end service that your customers will love. No previous experience is required.

It’s all action, no jargon. You’ll be able to start implementing what you learn today – and see the benefits for years to come.

We’re living through the greatest era of business opportunity. Isn’t it time you took advantage?

Key Skills Learned

➯ Understand how to run the Service Design process

➯ Better understand why people do what they do

➯ Identify your unique differentiators

➯ Learn a step by step guide on how to test and design new services

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