The Trends and Foresight Academy Masterclass

Consumers change, behaviours shift, and new patterns erupt and become trends in their own right. Here we show you how to measure, monitor and profit from them.

The author of the best-selling book The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook and co-founder of The Future Laboratory Martin Raymond takes you on a step-by-step journey through the latest techniques, strategies and methodologies used by global forecasters and consultancies to identify tomorrow’s big trends today.

The Trends and Foresight Academy’s Masterclass comprises 24 online modules, each backed up with easy-to-follow 15-minute video lectures led by Martin, PDFs about the key trends covered, podcasts with industry professionals, lesson plans and summaries, links to further reading, viewing and listening resources, and a reading plan.

What will you learn?

The Trends and Foresight Academy Masterclass helps you to explore trends, create accurate forecasts, develop your own scenarios, and sharpen your strategic foresight skills.

Each module is self-contained, but collectively all 24 of them will enable you to develop professional-level trends and foresight skills, as well as industry-standard methods to map tomorrow in ways that are meaningful, practical, credible and inspirational. The future, as we’ll learn, isn’t a foregone conclusion, but a place where intelligently developed forecasts can help us to imagine, build and deploy better tomorrows for everybody.

Who is it for?

Our approach is used to develop forecasts for brands including Spotify, Google, Microsoft, Ikea, Chanel and UBS

The Trends and Foresight Academy provides a professional-level educational journey and experience for MBAs, creatives, strategic foresight teams and corporate practitioners who are keen to hone their existing skills, or for students and industry newcomers who want to become strategic foresight, innovation and trend forecasting professionals.

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