User Experience & Interface Design

Don’t just think different. Do Different.

The course is perfect for anyone who is looking to add UX & UI to their skillset, but want to do so remotely.

What you’ll learn

➯ Design Process

➯ User Research

➯ Stakeholder Management

➯ Competitive Landscape

➯ Understanding Users

➯ Customer Journeys

➯ Defining Success

➯ Ideation

➯ Wireframing

➯ Prototyping

➯ Usability Testing

➯ Presenting Work

Who will you be learning from?

Our wealth of hands-on workshops and courses aims to connect professionals with current practitioners in the industry culminating our philosophy: learn by doing. We work with an extensive network of 50 hands-on and highly skilled instructors.

Our product and business development workshops have been designed to ensure that attendees are able to apply their learnings right away in their respective jobs and companies. Our instructors have worked with various sized teams, from small startups to leading agencies and organisations such as Amazon, John Lewis, Huge, Matter Of Form, ustwo and more. You will be learning from the best in the field.

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