20 March 2018
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We live in a world where gender is an increasingly important issue. If the talents of women are neglected or ignored, the consequences are serious for social and economic progress. The question is, how can we promote gender equality within multi-cultural societies? Does gender equality look the same in different communities? This is the question that we at Articulating Women aim to answer – and you can help us!

Students, all you need is a camera, a passion for gender equality, and a great story. We want you to think about what the women in your community represent and what community means to you. Where is your community? Who are the women in your community? How do they make a positive contribution to your community? We know that women are remarkable, so here’s your chance to show us just how remarkable they are!

Tell your story. Tell her story.

The Competition

To enter, you must be a student in the UK and submit a film of up to five minutes long. The film must follow the theme of “Women and Community”. Up to three prizes will be awarded to successful student filmmakers. Here’s what you could win:

– A mentoring session with established professionals at FACT, Liverpool, with travel expenses and accommodation paid by the project.

– Hands-on experience, with mentoring, in the editing suite at FACT

– The opportunity, with travel expenses and accommodation paid by the project, to introduce their films at a public film screening at FACT.

The winning documentaries will also be screened at special film-festivals associated with the project in Bengaluru and at FACT. The documentaries will then be used, with full credit given to the filmmakers, in training materials and for public engagement activities associated with the project –and if that’s not exciting enough, documentaries of outstanding quality may be entered into a BAFTA-sponsored film festival such as Aesthetica where they will receive further exposure.

The deadline for entering this competition is 5th May 2018.


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