13 April 2018
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Behind the graphic design and illustration studio, Münster sits Dani Rabaza who started the studio back in 2010 in his hometown, Zaragoza which is now based in Barcelona and has been since 2013. Since Dani was 15, he has been playing in music bands and has always been “in touch with different music scenes”. Before he went on to create Münster, he designed a tonne of posters, album sleeves which were mostly for his own band, and collages for his punk zines.

He is a graphic designer by trade and when starting up the studio he wanted to take ownership the entire process of design, which meant everything from creating the idea through to the execution of the illustration, layout and printing. “I wanted to have a print workshop and I knew how to screen-print due to a couple of years working as a textile screen-printer”. So, naturally, led him on to create illustration, graphic design and screen-printing for the cultural industry and music. “I like to try new things always… particularly new graphic languages,” he explains.

Embracing all areas of creative in the studio comes with its challenges but they’re always outweighed by the feelings of fulfilment that come with putting all the skills that you’ve built up over the years into practice – and seeing the outcomes of it. Since starting Münster, Dani has faced several other challenges that stand alongside owning a studio, “mixing administrative, commercial and creative tasks is a challenge… you have to divide your brain into 3 parts!” he laughs.

When looking at his portfolio, you’ll recognise several big bands that he’s worked with; including The National, Alt-J, The Cat Empire. Which for Dani, feels like an achievement since “Münster is a very little studio and was built from scratch, so working for such big bands is like a dream come true”. While on the topic of achievements, another one for Dani is maintaining some of his first clients and although we’re told to never go into business with your friends, Dani has found that many of the relationships he has with his clients soon evolve into a friendship, “it´s really great” he reflects.

This is part of our Gigs & Graphics series which is focusing on artists who are participating in the year’s Gigs & Graphics International Print Exhibition, facilitated by Northern Lights, Sound City and Toucan Tango.

Dani will be amongst the artists participating in the exhibition and you can view his final bespoke print at the Gigs & Graphics Music and Arts Symposium Exhibitions and Marketplace, which you can find out more about here.

Article by
Robyn Dooley
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