21 March 2018
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What comes to mind when you think of the word diversity? Uniqueness? Equality? Inclusion? It can certainly be difficult to quantify. Traditionally, workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between people within an organisation.

That may sound simple, but in actual fact, diversity can encompass race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, education, background and beyond.

Culturally, diversity has the potential to nourish and strengthen communities, and the same applies in the creative world.

Think about it this way: creative ideas are dependant on what you have experienced as a person. Adding diversity to the mix broadens this limited experience. Most, if not all creatives will agree that inspiration for creativity can be found in the most unlikely of places, thus diversifying is a sure fire way to strengthen your ability to think outside the box.

In my opinion, diversity truly is the key to creativity. Here are my top reasons for how diversity is helping you grow as a creative, in ways you may not even realise…

Organisational growth

In a business sense, an organization’s success and competitiveness depend upon its ability to embrace diversity and realise the benefits. Workforces are becoming increasingly diverse, whether technologically or culturally, and this transformation of the workplace is impacting on the way that organisations operate on a daily basis. Sure, personality clashes are sometimes inevitable, but it’s well recorded that diverse teams often perform better in the long run, as a wide range of differing mindsets helps with collective problem-solving.

Picture the collective creative intelligence in a room full of diverse individuals versus that of a room full of people who are completely homogenous. The more varied the viewpoints, the more scope there becomes for creative solutions. When you look at it this way, it’s hard to deny that diversity adds value.

A diverse workforce reflects—and gives companies better insights—into their increasingly diverse demographics and customers, this encourages clear organisational growth and better all-round representation.

Working with others

Working with people whose outlooks and opinions differ from yours can force you out of your comfort zone and get you thinking differently about a situation. A diverse workforce provides you with completely different forms of knowledge, insight and experience.

What’s more is that coming together leads to inclusivity. Inclusivity in a team boosts morale, so acknowledging diverseness as valid and something to celebrate adds yet more value. The higher the team morale, the more productive the team and the work environment, so it’s a win-win for any team.

Personal growth

Whichever way you look at it, diversity essentially means variety. A variety of skills and experiences among a team mean that peers can learn from one another and ultimately, diversity has the potential to enhance your worldview as an individual. Enhancing your worldview not only makes you a more productive employee but a more well-rounded (and in my opinion, more interesting) individual at that.

The act of diversifying adds not only value, but the potential to drive, challenge, enrich and inspire us as creatives, should we be willing to embrace it with an open mind.

So here’s to diversity, long may it live…or to use the French term: Vive la différence!

Article by
Faye Graham
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