6 December 2017
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We met with Catalyst alumni, Rian Bailey-Weir to hear all about his Catalyst journey and what he’s getting up to now at PR & Marketing Agency, Kenyons.

Hi Rian! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

While I’ve always had a passion for communications, it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I found a real flare for marketing. My undergraduate degree was in Business and Public Relations, and after I had finished I was quick to apply for many different industry roles.

The problem that I found straight away was that almost every role required some form of experience, something that I didn’t have at the time. After countless unanswered applications, I took on a role in sales & administration for a local student accommodation company in Liverpool — something which was really interesting, but just not for me. This lead me to successfully apply for a part-time MSc in Digital Marketing.

What made you apply for Catalyst?

Robyn had approached me while I was working as an intern at Instinctive Digital, a local inbound marketing agency based in the Baltic Triangle. But as soon as she sent me the syllabus I couldn’t have accepted fast enough, it included everything that I wanted to find out about in the marketing sector — and then some!

What was your favourite experience during Catalyst?

I’d say that, personally, my favourite experience of the Catalyst programme was listening to the passion radiating from everyone in Liverpool’s creative sector. It was beyond inspiring. I’d come out of each Tuesday session super motivated.

Was there anything about the programme that surprised you?

To be honest, I was surprised at how much Robyn and Andy were able to pack into each session. Bear in mind this was a free course, we were treated to speakers, office tours, engagement activities, and access to handfuls of industry contacts. It’s something that would have cost hundreds of pounds in any other situation.

A lot of the programme focuses on the creative and digital sector here in Liverpool. What makes you want to stay in the city?

For me, Catalyst was able to show me the number of exciting projects that are happening all over the city. From the Baltic Triangle, to the Knowledge Quarter there are so many amazing things happening for the creative sector over the next few years — it’d be ridiculous to consider moving!

We agree! So, what are you doing now?

I’m now working as a Digital Account Executive for Kenyons, an award winning full-service marketing and public relations agency based in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter. Concentrating on all things to do with inbound marketing, I manage a lot of our client’s social media content & advertisements, emails, and blog content.

How did you get the role at Kenyons?

Rosie and James from Kenyons came in to talk to us about project management, and I just really liked their whole vibe. I already knew a little about the agency, but did a lot of research and found out that they were one of the best in Liverpool. I then gave Rosie an email to see if we could have a chat about any roles that they may have, and after a couple of meetings with herself and Roger Kenyon, Chairman of Kenyons, I was welcomed as part of the Kenyons clan!

And finally, your message to future Catalyst students…

I can guarantee that this will be one of the best experiences that you’ll be a part of. Just get straight in, make sure that you attend every session, and put yourself out there — you won’t regret it.

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