21 November 2017
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ID Card
Name: Jack Verweij
Job Title: Marketing Executive at Nova
Location: Liverpool
Social handle: @wearenovauk

What’s the story of ‘you’?

I’m just a normal lad from East London who fell in love with the North of the country. Apart from that I’ll spare you the boring details of my average existence.

What is it that you do now?

I’m a marketing executive at We Are Nova. The role involves a lot of responsibility for an entry level position, but I’m fortunate enough to have a lot of support from my peers.

What does your day-to-day look like at Nova?

Day-to-day? I’m happy to say I don’t have a day-to-day. Sure, there are a few small bits-and-bobs I do on a daily basis, but overall no two days are the same. (Pardon the cliche!) Working with startup companies means I can be working on video scripts, website content, brand workshops, tweets, analytics etc.

What inspires your creative juices?

I hate sitting in the same place all day. If I need to blog or create something original you’ll most likely find me at Ryde (Cafe by Cains Brewery). I’m a big morning person, having lunch tends to stem the flow of my creative juices.

Career pathways - wonderfully unpredictable. Did you always want to be what you’re doing now or was there something before this?

I actually did a masters in Mass Communications, after graduating in Marketing. I felt that marketing wasn’t for me after being rejected by an obscene amount of grad jobs. After a few months doing the masters it made me realise why I chose Marketing in the first place!

How did you manage to get your foot in the door?

It was actually on the last week at Catalyst when Nova visited, I felt a good vibe from the company. Chris Elston, a fellow Catalyst alumni, told me about the company throughout the process and I was impressed. Olivia Greenberg (CIO at We Are Nova) mentored my team and I presented our idea. I was meant to finish the presentation with a joke, but I completely forgot it, which turned out to be funnier than the joke itself!

I then messaged Olivia a few days later on Linkedin and she said she’d let me know if something came up. The rest is history. I’ll forever be grateful for Nova and Olivia for my first chance to prove myself in the digital industry. I’d also like to thank Andy and Robyn, as I’d have never have met Nova or rekindled my passion for marketing without Catalyst!

What were some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned along the way to getting here?

The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to engage with people, no matter what the scenario. Companies don’t hire skills they hire people, and that can be easy to forget when you chuck your CV out to hundreds of companies!

What’s been the biggest surprise to you about the industry that you’re in?

One of the reasons I originally fell out of love with marketing is the cut-throat perception I had of the industry. While I constantly put healthy pressure on myself to achieve, I’ve found that the relaxed environment at Nova has allowed me to learn more than I did in almost 4 years of university.

What golden nuggets of advice do you have for people entering the industry?

If you’re still applying for jobs, stop throwing out your CV to every vacancy in your chosen field. Have a look at the companies you really want to work at and try and speak to someone on a personal level before applying, they will appreciate that.

If you’re just starting off, ask loads of questions. No question is stupid if you don’t know the answer.

Article by
Robyn Dooley
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