20 December 2017
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The books to take with you on your journey of pursuing a fulfilling creative career.

There’s only so many time you can listen to your family talk about all the things that you should be doing with your career, rather than spending hours making things look pretty on that laptop that you’re obsessed with. If only people understood what it really meant to pursue the creative career that you’ve always dreamt about since you were a toddler; picking up crayons and scribbling on walls.

When you’re in need of some solid advice on what to do with your creative pursuits, we thought we’d rally up a book list that will not only inspire you but will help you to navigate your way through the working world. Making sure that whatever it is that you’re looking to do, it’s something that you live and breathe. Something that nobody else could do better than you.

Design The Life You Love

Ayse Birsel, author of Design The Life You Love, crafted a wonderfully designed book that gets you thinking like a designer through the use of tools and design principles. This book helps you to deconstruct some of your life’s biggest challenges in a creative way, and if you spend enough time on it, it shines a light on the life you want to be living.

A Job to Love

We don’t usually give ourselves the time or the luxury to understand ourselves enough to find a job that is right for us. However, here’s a book, A Job to Love by The School of Life, that is a guide to help you to discover your true talents and to make sense of your desires and aspirations to kickstart a fulfilling career.

Don't Get a Job... Make a Job

It’s time to hear the stories of the creatives who took an alternative route after graduating. Don’t Get a Job… Make a Job by Gem Barton explores the strategies, working methods, and why’s and how’s of the next generation of creatives are forging their way into the world of entrepreneurship.

Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives

Adam J. Kurtz injects his wonderfully engaging humor into his latest book ‘Thing Are What You Make of Them‘ as he shares advice on how to handle some of life’s most stressful moments – particularly as a creative. If you are considering starting a creative endeavor or feel stuck in your current project, pick up this book and you’ll find the advice you need.

Show Your Work

Show Your Work is the Arts business guide that we suggest all creatives to carry around in their bags, particularly for those who are needing some encouragement to make noise around their work for it to be seen by clients, collectors, colleagues, and students. Austin Kleon embraces the modern world and looks to the power of social media and the internet to help with self-promotion, and gives you a step-by-step guide on how best to go about doing it.


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Article by
Robyn Dooley
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