18 July 2018
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They make online courses and tools that make learning new skills easier — that includes making learning accessible to all. Win a scholarship to gain access to them all!

SuperHi’s mission is to give creative and curious people the tools and techniques to bring ideas and work to life online. They provide everything you need to learn to make beautiful websites, coded by you.

SuperHi think that education should be accessible to all, whatever your financial situation; that no person will know how good technology can be until everyone has equal chance to participate; that diverse backgrounds and experiences working in the creative industries is crucial; that complementing whatever you’re good at with new skills is a clear advantage; and that learning should be practical, fun as well as stress-free for the best chance to make it stick.

They think that we should all work harder to ensure skill-sets are distributed representatively in the creative industries.

SuperHi proud and humbled that our current students are 47% female, 2% non-binary and 51% male from a wide range of backgrounds and fifty countries.

What you can win

Two winners will receive the grand prize of all of the SuperHi courses.

Three runners-up will win the Foundation HTML, CSS + Javascript course.

And! They’re also giving away five copies of their book, Learn To Code Now, which comes with access to the online code editor designed to help new coders learn more easily.

Who can apply?

The courses are designed for those who work, or want to work, in the creative industries but built so anyone can learn. You don’t need to be a designer, just someone who enjoys making things.

Emerging creatives, students, and those looking to make a career change or add a new skill to complement what they’re already great at are encouraged to apply. If this doesn’t directly apply to you and you still would like to apply, please do.

SuperHi is a global community with students in 50 countries, so this scholarship is open to international applicants.

If you’re already on one of the SuperHi courses or about to start you can still apply. If your scholarship application is successful we’ll refund you what you’ve paid relative to the prize.

What you’ll need for the courses.

They’re all online, flexible and go-at-your-own-pace so all you need is a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection. That’s it!

Ready to apply?

Applications will close on July 31st, 2018 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

Winners will be selected by a blind review process, removing all personal and identifying information.

Make your application good! 

Apply here


Article by
Victoria Murray
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