1 August 2019
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Today marks a huge milestone for me in my life and my career.

As of today, I will be taking a step back from OH to fulfil new personal ambitions by joining Thoughtfully as a Co-owner and Partner.

After working closely with Thoughtfully on a number of serendipitous projects. We rebranded OH together in 2017, and at the beginning of this year, I began working with them on theirs. This feels like a natural conclusion to what has been an unforgettable five years of building OH.

Reimagining education

In 2015, I saw that the system was broken. The connection between education and industry felt so far removed from where it needed to be. Our industry was crying out for people who had the skills and awareness, that colleges and universities simply didn’t have the capacity to teach.

I wanted to better prepare creatives for the future. I wanted to reimagine education for creative professionals.

The odds of getting to where I am today, knowing where I’ve come from, were few and far between. I’m tempted to place it all on luck and say that the world works in mysterious ways. But, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Five years is a long time to plug away at something alone and for it not to fully flourish in the way I had hoped.

I saw the signs at the back end of last year that this business I cared for and put my heart and soul into was coming to an end. It’s taken me a while to accept it and I suppose that’s because I’ve been fearful of acknowledging the failure of it. But then, who defines failure?

Over a short amount of time, we’ve played our part in changing the perception of what education can look like and found a solution to a broken system.

People trusted me to work with them, acknowledge their talents, and get them to a place where they could do work they loved. Today, those same people are going places that they once said they couldn’t.

Since the beginning, our goals have been audacious.

We secured and took over buildings, championed paying people what they’re worth, broke down barriers that for so long kept people apart, and built an incredible community of people who gave a shit and wanted to work towards something better than what currently exists.

An idea became something with character, diversity and a genuine heart. I am unbelievably proud to have gotten this far and to have achieved what we’ve achieved.

The places you’ll go…

I will always be committed to helping people pursue meaningful careers. OH will continue to share job opportunities through the website. And to continue our support for lifelong learners, we will share a curated resource to showcase the best national courses and programmes. It is with a heavy heart that we will be closing our wider initiatives, including Catalyst.

Thank you to everyone who has stood with me throughout the past five years. What we’ve achieved has been a testament to Liverpool as a city, and to the passion and commitment of our industry to improve things for the future.

Without your support, none of this would have been possible. Without your belief, I wouldn’t have been able to discover work that I fundamentally cared about. I’ll always be grateful for that.

The vision for Thoughtfully is one that I’m ridiculously excited to be a part of; We’re building something beautiful with a team who are not short on ideas, ambition and have a bucket load of talent.

It’s time to write a new chapter.

Stay in touch. Let’s grab a coffee. Keep moving mountains.

Robyn. X

Article by
Robyn Dooley
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