4 October 2018
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It’s complex, and fault is irrelevant. We’re living in this post-truth age together. An age of fake news, 24/7 content and new technologies disrupting entire markets overnight. On-demand is making us demanding. Automation is replacing human interaction. Polls can no longer predict political outcomes. For better and for worse, technology is transforming the access, credibility & speed of information. Until we’re saturated. Overwhelmed. But also free to hear individuals over institutions, share… rate… even rate our ratings. Even status is shifting: no longer about what we have, but who we are.

A new challenge arises for business: a trust gap has formed.

We believe brands that actively seek out the right trust models won’t just survive – they’ll thrive, and redefine the way we do business for the better.

Welcome to the Trust Pursuit.

Pillars of Trust

In order to bridge the gaps widening between business and consumers, Liverpool-based agency Uniform have identified 4 areas of focus which they’re calling the 4 Pillars of Trust. These pillars are their focus for the next 12 months as they explore what trust in business looks like today, how it’s built and sustained, and how it shifts and changes as consumer behaviour, technology and innovation continue to rapidly shape our future.

Know Your Tribe is about understanding consumers in a time when their attitudes, behaviours and environments are changing faster than ever before.

Walk the Walk is about finding true value through credibility and authenticity, and through aligning values and purpose.

Look the Part shows the value of design, and how brands need to think about engendering trust at first glance.

Face the Future is about giving consumers the confidence that you can change with change.

How can you get involved? 

Now is your chance! Uniform are calling for content that focuses on the second pillar; Walk the Walk. Whether that’s in the form of a short film, a poster, a thought piece or a group blog… the choice is yours.

Download full brief

For more information on the Trust Pursuit, visit: www.trustpursuit.com

Article by
Robyn Dooley
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