Web Analyst

We’re looking for an experienced Web Analyst to join our Performance & Optimisation discipline.

Purpose of the role:

➯ Work with our existing client base and new clients to devise and deliver best practice analytics solutions and conduct in-depth analysis.
➯ Work across data collection, measurement, analysis and encourage data-driven decision making for our clients
➯ Model the effective use of analytics data for our internal team and advocate for wider use of data.

Please note: Despite the impacts of COVID-19, we are still recruiting as normal. We have a fully digital recruitment process, so can perform interviews, interactive sessions and the office walk around, as well as onboarding using tech of course!

Role Band: 2
(Band Guide: 1:Exec. 2:Analyst. 3:Senior. 4:Lead/Principal. 5:Director)

Role and responsibilities…

➯ Support internal teams on analytics planning and implementation as well as troubleshooting existing setups.
➯ Auditing, planning and installing analytics solutions using core tracking technologies listed below.
➯ Collaborating with client and agency development teams, and tracking vendors, to ensure that approach and implementation of tracking is correct.
➯ Create dashboarding and reporting to measure and monitor product performance
➯ Measure the impact of experiments using statistical models

Client and Internal Relationships

➯ Work within our product teams, with product owners and consultants to deliver analytics services for our clients.
➯ Reviewing client’s websites to understand and address tracking issues
➯ Deliver analytics and insights for our ongoing conversion clients and platform clients as required.
➯ Helping clients to get the best out of their analytics platform/data.

General tasks

➯ Define and set digital KPIs for client websites/apps
➯ Analyse and report on digital performance, by performing analytics reviews, and reviews of other business data
➯ Analyse and report on the performance of AB and MV tests and personalisation
➯ Attend client meetings to present updates and recommendations.
➯ Contribute toward the development of analytics processes, guidelines, templates and training.

Skills and experience…

➯ Build dashboards and data visualisations that are easy for clients and internal stakeholders to interpret and understand
➯ An understanding of traffic sources and acquisition strategy
➯ Experienced and proficient in Google Analytics/other analytics tools
➯ Confident in making recommendations to clients about how they use and manage data
➯ Work closely with our teams to identify opportunities and support them with data.


➯ A basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML and CSS
➯ Knowledge of statistics
➯ Experience with advanced query languages, e.g. SQL, BigQuery


➯ Analytics Tools: Google Analytics / Adobe Analytics
➯ Tag Management solutions: Google Tag Manager / Tealium / Qubit OpenTag / Ensighten
➯ A/B testing tools: Optimizely / VWO / Qubit / Monetate / Adobe Test and Target
➯ Call tracking systems: ResponseTap / Calltracks / iInifinity

What we value…

➯ We value people who are brilliant in their capability and the things that they make together.
➯ We value people who improve, continually improve themselves and the world around them to make a difference.
➯ We value people who collaborate, who are a joy to work with and who get more from themselves and those around them by working together effectively.

Perks of working for Code

➯ An annual training budget of at least £500 so you can develop your skills
➯ Profit-related bonus scheme
➯ Medical insurance with eyecare and dental included
➯ Subsidised massages on-site
➯ Generous maternity and shared parental leave package
➯ Flexible hours and opportunities to work from home
➯ Annual (& legendary) Christmas jaunt abroad
➯ Social events subsidised by the company, including a weekly free bar
➯ Bike and rail pass scheme

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