Behavioural Economics with Rory Sutherland Learn why people do what they do and how to influence them

Well, you may think we are all perfectly rational people, making logical decisions, but this is simply not quite so, we all act and behave in rather interesting ways.

In this course, you will quickly and easily master the key behavioural change concepts such as nudging, framing, social proof, scarcity, commitment devices and even the ethics behind it all.

On completion, you will be equipped with the power look at the world from a new perspective. Problems and obstacles will become obvious to you, but baffle others for years to come, enabling you to create enormous effects and shifts in outcomes by changing very little.

If you ever have to sell ideas, products or services, get people on your side, or simply wish you had the ability to view the world differently, then this is for you.

Join thousands of others and start today.

What you'll learn

  • Make better decisions in life and work
  • Recognise your own biases
  • Steer people towards desired outcomes
  • Identify and solve big wins with little effort

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