7 Jun 2019
Leas Cliff Hall, The Leas, Folkestone, CT20 2DZ
9:00am - 5:00pm
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Nudgestock 2019
The UK's Largest Festival of Behavioural Science

For one day in June, join us on a clifftop pavilion on the South Coast of England as we bring together a wonderfully eclectic mix of thought leading talks and behaviour change case studies. All interspersed with a suitable mix of drinks, mingling, ice cream stalls and revelry.

Now in its seventh year, you can expect a day of stimulating insights from cutting-edge behavioural research, with tips and best practices for nudging in the real world from the leading practitioners in the field. Hosted by Rory Sutherland, past speakers have included Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler, evolutionary biologist Dr Diana Fleischman and applied behavioural scientists from

Apart from our curiosity, we are united in our belief of the potential for these disciplines to not only improve health and happiness, but also to give businesses new tools with which to solve the stickiest of challenges.

Unseen opportunities await.

What will I hear?

- Stimulating insight from cutting-edge behavioural research

- StimulatingTurning theory into action: leading practitioners in the field will share their experience of nudging in the real world

- StimulatingThe latest case studies from around the globe. We’ll explain the science, the application and (most importantly) the results they have achieved.

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